Panopro Fixer and Developer has a New Look!

Panopro is the secret to a cleaner processor. Premixed all-temperature formula is guaranteed to produce sharper images and last longer. Provides a cleaner-running environment with less chemical build-up. Requires less replenishment (only 3 ounces).


  • Runs Cleaner and Stays Fresh Longer

  • Eliminates Roller Marks

  • Guaranteed Safe for All Roller and Web-Type Processors

  • Less Oxidation

  • Fast-Drying Formula

  • Produces Sharper Images

  • Less Replenishment Required

  • Unsurpassed Quality and Consistency for 20 Years

Manufacture Item Numbers:

FM8004 - 2 Gallons of Fixer and 2 Gallons of Developer

FM8005 - 4 Gallons of Developer

FM8006 - 4 Gallons of Fixer