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Sharp Image Ultra Soft Intraoral Film

​D Speed or F Speed

  • Sharp Image ULTRA SOFT D Speed film is high-contrast and fine detailed, resulting in superior image quality.

  • No need to change from your current exposure settings or developing techniques.

  • Sharp Image ULTRA SOFT F Speed reduces patient radiation exposure up to 60% while maintaining excellent detail and contrast.

  • ULTRA SOFT vinyl packets increase patient comfort and compliance.

  • D and F Speed Film can be purchased in single and double packets of size 0 and size 2. Both may be developed using automatic or manual techniques.

  • ULTRA SOFT provides the highest quality dental images with no need to change your exposure or developing technique at economic savings.

  • Made in the USA.



Sharp Image Extraoral X-Ray Film

  • Superior quality extraoral film with new TG green sensitive tabular grain emulsion improves contrast and reduces radiation up to 50%.

  • Archive-quality film provides excellent detail and high contrast.

  • Panoramic (green and blue sensitive), cephalometric (green and blue sensitive), and duplicating films (ultraviolet and white-light sensitive) are available.






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